Let’s Sum It All Up, Shall We?

This semester had been a crazy one, that’s for sure. We have looked at so many different fairy tales from all corners of the world and have deciphered each and every one of them till we could decipher no more. I have learned so much about fairy and folk tales from this class. I have truly been enlightened through all this reading and writing that we have had to do. I have learned how to analyze a story by using Freudian and Jungian psychology. I have learned how to catch the meaning of a motif, and be able to tell a person all about it till they’re sick of me talking. ( I’m actually pretty proud of this new skill!) And I have learned how to compare stories that seem completely different to each other. Each fairy tale we read was special in its own way, and this allowed me to discover the different cultures that lie within those stories. I am so thrilled that I got the privilege to enjoy this class to the fullest. I sincerely recommend this class to anyone who has a passion for psychology, fairy tales, and a variety of cultures! 


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