Hier Kommt Die Sonne

Snow White is a fairy tale that has a lot of motifs and symbols in it. These symbols are typically instantly recognized in everyday life. When you see a juicy red apple you think of the poisoned apple that the witch gave to Snow White. When you see someone sleeping and kiss them awake you think of Snow White. But have you thought of the other powerful motifs that can be found in this story? Rammstein has! Rammstein created a video for their song “Sonne” that is based entirely around the Snow White tale. This video is dark and powerful.

Here, go watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIBeYoP9Wi0. 

Some of the motifs you may have not thought of before are really brought out in this video. The red shoe for example. When Snow White plants her foot on the table it’s supposed to stand for power. The power of a woman to be exact. Red shoes can also be found in many other fairy tales. This music video also demonstrates how much of a sexual figure she is. She is powerful and seemingly in control of the “dwarves”. They seem however to not mind that she is really dominating them. Another motif is the snowy mountain, and the bridal veil that she wears in her tomb. The snowy mountain represents the all seeing. The mountain is a powerful place. It is beautiful and protective. They put her on top of the mountain for that reason. The bridal veil represents the “contract” if you will, that she had with the men. It was very much like signing a wedding contract when she agreed to live with them in the story and do the cleaning and whatnot. The showing of this veil in the video represents exactly that. Though this video seems to really deconstruct what we know to be the story of Snow White, I have to say it is right on the mark for telling the unknown story. I really enjoy all the alternate areas this video explores. I hope you do too. 


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