From Rags to Riches

ImageMost everyone knows the story of Cinderella. It’s the most well known and typical rags to riches story. The question is though, how realistic is this? In the stories I have read in class, most of the Cinderella-like tales were about “rags to riches through magic and marriage”. There was typically some form of magic that provided help to the Cinderella character. This lead her to her “fairy tale” ending. In the Disney movie case, the magic was absolutely necessary. Without magic, she would have remained where she was in her life, and would have never met the prince. Because magic was involved, she was allowed to do so many great things. If asked, “could this happen in real life?” most people would say “No Way!” I disagree. I think there are definitely magical things that happen to normal people in real life. I believe in fate. I think someone could most assuredly grow up in a terrible situation, and then when they get older they have their lives turned around. People can change this through marriage or even meeting a random person on the street. You never know who can/will change your life. For all those people out there who feel down in the dumps about having a horrible life, you too can end up like Cinderella! Just keep your chin held high and continue on believing that anything can happen! Overall, Cinderella is a great fairy tale, and everyone should look to it to make them feel better when they’re having a bad day.


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