Little Red Riding Hood?

This version of Little Red Riding Hood is completely far off from what most people know. I find it rather interesting though. Let’s start off by pulling some similarities and differences from the “traditional” LRRH we know.

  • First off. Little girl, in the woods, heading to her grandmothers house. She stops to pick flowers after meeting a wolf in those woods. She tells the wolf shes heading to grandmothers. After this point, everything is different. As you can see, the wolf does not actually eat the girl or the grandmother. Instead he is in disguise when the girl gets there not so he can eat her, but so he can hide the fact that the grandmother has disappeared in the closet. The wolf and the grandmother run off together to get married.
  • I guess you could say that both have sexuality connections. In this version, the grandmother gets well before little red arrives. In this version, the wolf has a wife and family. In this version, everything seems to be more innocent (or less grotesque if you will).
  • Overall, I found this version of LRRH very satisfying and refreshing. I enjoyed the way the wolf was presented (especially when he was in the car, and the car was “walking”) and I really love the twist that was put on the grandmother. In most little red stories, it is the girl who is meant to “seduce” the wolf. It is interesting that it is the other way around in this portrayal.
  • Walt Disney did a fantastic job on this little sketch!

(By the way, the LRRH sketch ends around 7 mins in.)


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