What is a Fairy Tale?: How I See it.

What is a Fairy Tale?: How I See it.

Fairy tales are beautiful and sacred things. They can range from being a children’s fantasy to a children’s worst nightmare. They have this inner power to be so diverse, but also so specific. To me, a fairy tale is a way to explore ones inner self. A fairy tale is humanity. A fairy tale is how we really feel. If one were to really decipher the meaning of a fairy tale, It would be best to look at Freud’s show of Id, ego, and superego. In my eyes, a fairy tale is represented by the Id: The most basic desires. For example, in the story The Juniper Tree, the stepmother hates her step-son, so instead of just letting her hate pass, she murders him by chopping off his head with the lid of a heavy trunk. She hated him, and deep down she felt that she should kill him. Instead of having some reasoning (ego or superego), she just did it. If you would want to compare the fairy tale to yourself, you could imagine how you want to react when your significant other cheats on you, or when you get second place in a competition. You end up hating whoever got first, or whoever cheated on you, right? But you don’t just go out and kill them. You say to yourself “No, no, that’s not a good plan”. You have reasoning. Imagine your childhood without these fairy tales. Would you have gained such morals? Would you have noticed the total reaction of your actions? In the story, the murdered child turns into a bird and kills the stepmother with a huge mill stone. This teaches children, that for every bad impulse and action, there will be an equal, if not worse, reaction. In summary, I feel that fairy tales show what is right and wrong through drastic means of story-telling.


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